How to Make a Bamboo Garden Trellis


Build a garden bamboo trellis to support seasonal vegetables such as peas and cucumbers or your favorite flowering vines such as jasmine and morning glories. Bamboo can be found growing wild in some parts of the world, or bamboo poles can be purchased at your local gardening store. Nestle the bamboo trellis alongside a garden walkway to create a focal point in your backyard.

Step 1

Choose the site where the garden trellis will rest. Measure the area to help determine the appropriate size. Think about any heavy crops you might grow on the bamboo trellis to ensure the structure will be sturdy enough for the intended load.

Step 2

Clear all rocks, weeds, and debris from the trellis site. Rake over the soil to ensure the space is smooth and flat. Ensure the site is level so the trellis will stand straight and tall.

Step 3

On a flat surface, crisscross the bamboo poles over each other and form a lattice shape. Attach the bamboo poles together using garden wire. At the cross section or intersecting point of each pole, wrap the wire around two to three times and twist the ends together with pliers for a secure fit. To prevent injury during the pruning and harvesting process, make sure the cut ends of the wire face away from the outside of the trellis. Keep at least 6 inches of the bottom of the bamboo to use as the "feet" of the trellis.

Step 4

Push the feet of the trellis into the ground. If the ground is overly hard, work the top layer of soil to help sink in the feet, and to prevent cracking the poles during the insertion process. For extra support, attach the bamboo trellis to a fence or garden wall. Alternatively, you could also lean the sections of the trellis together to form a tent-like structure.

Step 5

Plant climbing flower vines such as bougainvillea and hydrangea at the base of the bamboo trellis for a colorful design. Train bean and pea vines by loosely wrapping the vine around the trellis. Let the vines follow their natural abilities to grow up towards the sun and around the trellis. Add a layer of mulch around the base of the trellis to help retain moisture and control weeds.

Things You'll Need

  • 8-foot by 1-inch bamboo poles
  • Garden wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers


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