Snowdrop Facts


Snowdrops, or Galanthus, are pretty little perennial flowers that can be some of the very first blooming flowers of the season. They get 8 to 10 inches tall and are hardy to zones 4 to 8. Their leaves are 2 to 3 inches long and are blade-like.


In early fall plant snowdrops in rich soil (3 to 4 inches deep). Mass plantings of 25 or more bulbs can be a great showing come spring.


Galanthus need full sun or dappled shade to grow and prefer moist soil. They will bloom in late winter to early spring (fall for southern US).


Snowdrops have white, bell-shaped flowers that give off a fragrant, honey-like scent.


Galanthus leaves are from each bulb, dark green, and look like blades. They'll start to fade at the end of the growing season.


To propagate snowdrops, divide the bulbs each season after the foliage starts fading.


The snowdrop is resistant to many animals, including squirrels, rabbits and deer.


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