How to Buy a Garden Hose


Before you buy a garden hose, you should be aware of the different types of hoses there are and how each is different in terms of watering, storing and weight. You want a hose that will fit your needs for the garden and lawn. Hoses come in different lengths, which can help reach those far-away garden spots. Different garden hoses provide a specific use for different needs.

Step 1

Choose a lightweight hose if you do not need a high burst strength or pounds-per-square-inch rating. For the most part, home water systems do not have enough water pressure to burst a garden hose, so a lightweight hose is sufficient and will be easier to store. However, you should look for the highest burst strength possible. The PSI ranges from 100 to 600 pounds per square inch.

Step 2

Look at a heavy-duty hose if you need a stronger and longer-lasting hose. This type of hose can be heavy, especially when filled with water. If you do choose a heavy-duty hose, make sure that you get one with brass couplings, which will last for a long time. Winding up this type of hose in a storage container can be frustrating and takes time.

Step 3

Consider a coiling hose if you have a smaller area where the hose is needed. The hose will pull out and recoil into its storage container when you let go of it. This is practical only if you don't need to set the hose down while you are using it. This type of hose is ideal for greenhouses or patios.

Step 4

Choose a soaker hose for gardens that need frequent watering. This hose lays flat in the garden and can be left there all season. When plants need watering, you turn on the water and turn it off when you are done. There is no need to store this hose until the season is done.


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