How to Build Raised Garden Planters


Learning how to build raised garden planters will allow you to make flower or vegetable gardens anywhere in the yard. You can decorate the front yard or around a tree base. Although you can make any size flowerbed, you want to make a planter that will be easy to manage. The size of your planter and the materials you choose to use will determine the amount of materials you need. To give you an idea, this planter will be a square shaped brick planter that stands about 2 feet high.

Step 1

Clear all grass and weeds from the square area that you will prepare for the planter. Work the soil up and add some weed killer to prevent weeds from germinating.

Step 2

Cut a square piece of fabric ground cloth to fit the area. The fabric should be large enough so the brick can be laid on it to hold it in place.

Step 3

Start making the square foundation with the first row of bricks. Lay six bricks for the north side. Place the first brick for the backside (east side) so that it is flush with the north side brick. By continuing this pattern to make the square, you will be able to stagger the bricks and interlock the corners as you build the brick walls.

Step 4

Place a piece of fabric cloth under the top row of bricks so that it hangs down into the planter. This will help keep the soil from leaking out of the brick foundation.

Step 5

Add topsoil to the planter, stopping an inch before the top. Add plants and water.

Things You'll Need

  • 128 red landscaping bricks
  • Ground fabric
  • Top soil


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