How to Plant Pole Beans to Get Full Sun


Pole beans are fast-growing, vining beans that yield a harvest all season long. The seeds germinate quickly and these plants are fairly easy to grow. Pole beans need full sun, which means they need a minimum of 6 hours of sun a day, though more is better for a bountiful harvest. Whether you're growing your pole beans in the ground or in containers, the best way to maximize pole beans' sun exposure is to trellis them.

Step 1

Choose a sunny spot to plant your pole beans. Since pole beans need a lot of sun, observe your garden area throughout the day to make sure the place you want to put your beans doesn't fall into shadow at some point in the day.

Step 2

Plan how you will trellis your pole beans. Pole beans can be trellised along a fence, on stakes, on a teepee, and even on slower-growing tall plants like sunflowers or corn.

Step 3

Place trellis stakes before planting the beans, if you're going to build a trellis. The seeds should be planted near the stakes, 5 inches apart from each other. It's possible to place trellis stakes in the soil near bean seedlings, but you risk damaging the roots when you drive the stakes into the soil. Wait for corn or sunflower seedlings to emerge before planting the pole bean seeds if you're using a live trellis.

Step 4

Sow pole beans directly into the soil when the last danger of frost has passed. Bury the seeds about 1½ inches deep in the soil.

Step 5

Pay attention to the beans' growth. You will need to help train the vines to the trellis. As soon as a vine is tall enough to start reaching out or tipping over, push it towards the trellis so it will attach itself there. When the plant is small, it helps to loosely tie young vines to the trellis to make sure they stay there. You can remove the ties when the plant starts to stay on the trellis by itself.

Step 6

Continue training the beans to the trellis as the plant grows. Bean leaves are fairly large, and it's easy for them to start piling up and shading each other. If a vine starts to tip or twist itself around another vine, it means the plant's leaves are getting less sun. Space the vines as evenly as possible on the trellis to ensure maximum sun exposure.

Step 7

Water the beans often. Full sun exposure means the plant and soil can dry out easily. Water the soil near the roots instead of sprinkling from overhead. Overhead watering doesn't allow enough water to reach the soil.

Step 8

Harvest the bean plants regularly. Regular harvesting will insure a longer bean production period, and it will help small new beans get more sun because the larger beans won't be shading them.

Things You'll Need

  • Pole bean seeds
  • Fence
  • Trellis stakes
  • Sunflowers
  • Corn
  • String


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