How to Build a Mole Trap


Moles are subterranean creatures known mainly for their burrowing habits. These animals eat insects from the dirt. Moles can be found in most of the United States and are capable of destroying gardens and yards. In many cases, moles can burrow at a rate of 15 feet an hour. There are several ways to trap a mole and to expel it from its tunnels and using a humane method is cheap and requires little time and effort.

Trap Your Mole

Step 1

Find the area where your moles are most active. Look for raised portions of the yard to find tunnels. Step down on a few of the raised areas in the evening. Check the crushed tunnels in the morning. Any that are rebuilt are active.

Step 2

Make your trap. Tape a piece of string to the inside of your jar. Hang a piece of hard candy at the end of the string. Put a small amount of cotton wool at the bottom of the jar to keep the animal from injuring itself during the fall.

Step 3

Put on work gloves and dig into a tunnel until you have made a hole large enough to place your jar at the bottom of the runway. Bury the jar so that the lip is at the surface of the bottom of the tunnel. Smudge the outside and inside of the jar with dirt to remove your scent. Place the jar in the hole. Put a wood board over the top of the tunnel to cover the hole you made.

Step 4

Check the jar in the morning before the temperature rises. The jar should be checked every 24 hours. Release the captured mole in another location.

Things You'll Need

  • Gallon jar
  • String
  • Hard candy
  • Cotton wool
  • Shovel
  • Work gloves
  • Wood board


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