How to Prepare Raised Flower Beds With Newspaper


Raised flower beds are beds that are built into enclosures, such as wood or rock walls. They are generally filled with high-quality soil that drains more effectively than standard soil. High-quality growing soil can also be enhanced by preparing raised flower beds with newspaper and other organic materials, which will add nutrients to the bed and help your flowers thrive.

Step 1

Prepare the raised flower bed in the fall after the end of the growing season and before freezing weather begins. This will provide adequate time for the newspaper and other materials that are added to the bed to decompose and turn into soil.

Step 2

Layer 10 to 12 sheets of black and white newspaper over the soil inside the raised flower bed. Pour or spray water over the newspaper until the layers of newspaper are wet all the way through the layers.

Step 3

Place a 2-inch layer of peat moss over the layer of newspaper. Layer at least 12 inches of organic matter, such as mulch, compost, shredded leaves or manure over the top of the peat moss. Use a combination of several different organic materials for the best result.

Step 4

Plant bulbs into the layers of newspaper and organic matter. Lightly water the raised flower bed throughout the fall. Add only an inch of water to the bed weekly to keep it moist enough to help in the decomposition of the organic matter that was added to the bed.

Step 5

Do not water the flower bed throughout the winter when the temperatures are freezing. The bed will continue to decompose without added water.

Step 6

Allow the bed to sit untouched until spring. The pile of organic matter atop the soil will shrink down until it is practically even with the soil. Plant seeds or plants directly into the soft, nutrient-rich soil that is left behind.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Peat moss
  • Organic matter


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