Gibberellic Acid in Plant Growth


Gibberellic acid is composed of plant hormones called gibberellins. These gibberellins affect cell division and elongation and cause a wide variety of responses in plants when the hormones are applied.


Gibberellic acid has different effects on plant growth when used in different strengths and/or at different times in a plant's development. Temperature, too, can affect results. The variability can make for some unexpected outcomes.

Negative Effect

Too much gibberellic may harm a plant by causing it to grow too fast too soon. This happens to rice affected by "foolish seedling" disease, which is caused by a fungus secreting gibberellins.

Sustained Tree Growth

Trees periodically treated with gibberellic acid grow throughout the season. The hormone is applied to an area surrounding terminal buds, which are found at the ends of stems.


Fruit size and yield can be increased with use of the hormone, with fruits growing more quickly than normal.

Formation of Roots

Depending on the concentration applied and the amount of light available, gibberellic acid can encourage root growth, discourage it or have no effect at all, experiments in Denmark showed.


Using gibberellic acid, seeds germinate more quickly. Old seeds and difficult seeds germinate more readily with the hormone.


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