How to Care for an Autumn Joy Sedum


Autumn Joy sedum (Sedum spectabile) is an easy-to-grow succulent that will thrive in most any soil. describes the flowering process as "green broccoli-like buds in mid-summer, which gradually open into enormous dusty-pink flower heads, finally deepening to rich, bronzy red."

Step 1

Plant Autumn Joy in sandy, well-drained soil in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9. The soil can range anywhere from alkaline to acidic. Autumn Joy is not very choosy. It will grow in partial shade but does best in full sun.

Step 2

Water your sedum once a week for the first month after it is planted. After it is established, water only when the soil is completely dry. Autumn Joy is fairly drought-tolerant. If overwatered, the stems will become waterlogged and rot.

Step 3

Fertilize minimally or not at all. If your plants have suffered through a particularly long dry season or are planted in extremely poor soil, use a very light dose of slow-release general fertilizer.

Step 4

Propagate your sedum by "window rooting." Cut the fleshy stems in the fall and lay them horizontally in a sunny window. Within the next month, each leaf node will produce a shoot that can be removed and rooted. During the summer, you can simply snip off a 2- to 3-inch tip from the plant and stick it directly in the soil. Water well, and let it root on its own.

Things You'll Need

  • Slow-release fertilizer


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  • Autumn Joy
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