Meaning of Purple Roses


Roses have long been used to express feeling and emotions. Purple roses are favorites with many flower lovers. They have many different meanings, which depend on the shade of purple.


Purple roses were first introduced in the 1800s. By crossing European roses with varieties from China, gardeners were able to have roses that bloomed repeatedly and were available in new colors including purple.


Roses can be found in many shades of lavender, mauve and a darker purple. Types of lavender roses include Stainless Steel and Neptune. Deeper purple rose types include Midnight Blue, Ebb Tide and Burgundy Iceberg.

Meanings for Lavender

The most common meaning of lavender roses is enchantment and love at first sight. However, these lighter shades of purple lack permanence and can represent a fleeting sentiment.

Meanings for Deeper Purples

Deeper purples tend to stand for a more lasting love. Deep purple roses are often used at wedding anniversaries over 25 years, or in memory of a spouse who has passed away.

Other Meanings

Purple roses are also associated with royalty, majesty, wonder and opulence. Giving someone a single purple rose is said to symbolize beauty.


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