How to Make a Windowsill Herb Garden


A windowsill herb garden allows for easy access to some of your favorite herbs no matter how cold it is outside. Herbs can be enjoyed fresh in food, drinks and craft projects. A windowsill that has room for the plants and direct sunlight is the best place to grow herbs.

Step 1

Choose the herbs you want to plant. Popular windowsill herbs include parsley, chives, marjoram, mint, oregano, thyme, sage, basil and rosemary. Decide what your main use for the herbs will be--for medicinal purposes and crafts or for teas and food seasonings.

Step 2

Purchase the seeds or the plants from a garden supply company. If you order from an online retailer take note that many plants cannot be shipped in the winter months.

Step 3

Select the planters for the seeds or plants. Four inch terracotta pots work well on windowsills.

Step 4

Fill each pot with the soil-less potting mix. Avoid regular potting soil as it may contain ingredients that could harm the herbs. For plants, only fill the pot half way to the top. Place the plant in the pot and begin to fill in the sides with more potting mix. For seeds, place about three to four seeds per pot. As they begin to grow, weed out the smaller plants or move them to their own pots, leaving only one or two plants in the pot. Leave about a ¼ inch of space between the soil base and the rim of the pot---this will prevent water from spilling on the windowsill. Water thoroughly. Keep the soil moist by lightly watering once or twice a week.

Step 5

Create plant stakes to identify what you have planted. Use wooden popsicle sticks or store-bought stakes. On one side of the marker, clearly write the name of the herb. On the opposite side write the date that the herb was planted.

Things You'll Need

  • Individual terracotta pots or a long windowsill pot with adequate drainage
  • Herbs of your choice in either plant or seed form
  • Soil-less potting mix
  • Plant stakes
  • Waterproof marker


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Who Can Help

  • National Gardening Association
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