How to Design a Home Garden


Create a colorful and long-lasting home garden using perennials, shrubs and plants mixed with annual flowers. Place a birdbath among the garden to create a functional and beautiful focal point for attracting insects and birds. Use containers filled with cascading rose plants and thyme. Plant different textures and types of plants for an interesting home garden and use native plants, which can be hardier and require less maintenance.

Step 1

Chose plants that will prosper in your garden based on the growing region you live in and the amount of sunlight the garden receives.

Step 2

Draw an outline of your design to refer to during the planting process. Outlines allow you to make easy and quick changes while designing the home garden and avoid unnecessary digging.

Step 3

Plant at the back of the bed and work your way forward to create a balanced design. Start by planting perennials, which come up each year, fuller and and stronger. Plant flowering shrubs and flowers that bloom in early spring, ensuring colorful blooms throughout the season and garden bed.

Step 4

Plant bulbs that begin to emerge after winter's dormant period to add color around the garden. Grape hyacinths and daffodils begin to emerge in early spring and will add beauty, color and variety to your home garden.

Step 5

Plant annuals like pansies into the hard-to-reach spaces. Their transitory growth process is temporary but ideal for filling in empty spaces inside your garden space. Add annuals to pots and enjoy changing them throughout the growing season to create new designs.

Step 6

Experiment with gardening pots and containers in the garden space. Pots and containers are adaptable and allow the gardener to choose what to grow and where to situate the container. Plant necessities such as soil type and amount of light can be easily manipulated in a container.

Step 7

Create a focal point. Butterfly bushes and elephant's ear can create a stunning and long-lasting focal point. Center the plant among the garden space or place the bush in the back of the garden for a beautiful backdrop.

Things You'll Need

  • Plants
  • Flowers
  • Bulbs
  • Containers


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