How to Garden Jalapeno Plants


Jalapenos are a nutritious and delicious way to spice up your diet. Thankfully, they are also very easy to grow and maintain in a garden. Getting them started indoors is a necessary first step. Making sure they get the proper amounts of sunlight and water is also essential. Caring for your soil to keep it optimal as well as keeping the plants at the right temperature are also critical factors in gardening jalapeno plants.

Step 1

Growing jalapeno plants starts with caring for your soil. Mix organic fertilizer with your soil in a ratio of two parts soil to one part fertilizer. Use potting soil that contains perlite to prevent the soil from becoming too compacted. Perlite also helps hold water and releases it slowly into the soil.

Step 2

Start your jalapeno plants indoors. Jalapenos are slow growers at first, and must be out of harsh weather conditions for the first 8 weeks of their growth. If left outdoors, frost, snow, rain, or insect could easily kill the young plant. Plant them in planting pots with your soil mixture and wait until there is no more chance of frost for the year before transplanting them to your garden.

Step 3

Transplant the jalapenos. Once the weather is staying between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be a stable growing environment for your jalapenos. Choose a spot that gets sunlight the majority of the day, and dig holes at least 1 foot apart. Fill them with your new plants and the potting soil they were started in. Pack the soil tightly, and spread a small amount of organic fertilizer at the base of each plant.

Step 4

Water every 2-3 days, just enough to keep the soil moist at all times. It should not be allowed to dry out, but also should not be kept wet enough to make the soil mud-like. Over-watering can put the plant into shock and stunt its growth, as well as lead to its roots rotting. Water every few days, checking the soil daily to make sure it doesn't dry out. Your jalapenos should grow healthy and productive in three to four months.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Planting pots
  • Organic fertilizer


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