How to Transplant Lavender Plants


Lavender is a herbaceous perennial much loved by gardeners for its aroma, foliage and purple flower spikes. They can become large shrubs when planted in the right soil in a sunny area. Moving a lavender plant to a new location is not difficult; the important thing is to select a spot that gets about 8 hours of sun each day. The soil must be sandy and drain well.

Step 1

Water the lavender plant thoroughly before digging it up.

Step 2

Dig carefully around the lavender plant, at least 6 inches away from the trunk to avoid breaking the roots.

Step 3

Lift the plant from the ground keeping the root ball intact.

Step 4

Cut off flowering parts and trim old, dead roots. Leave green stems on the old wood of mature plants. Removing flowering parts when transplanting helps concentrate the lavender plant's energy on root growth

Step 5

Dig a hole at least 2 times the diameter of the root ball or find a container that is large enough to allow for growth.

Step 6

Add bone meal and organic compost to the soil. For containers, use a sandy organic potting soil (see tips below).

Step 7

Water the hole to be sure there is adequate drainage. Water the soil in a container before planting.

Step 8

Place the plant in the hole and cover the roots with the soil you prepared in Step 6. Water the lavender plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Bone meal (for in-ground planting)
  • Sandy organic potting soil (if using a container)
  • Organic compost (for in-ground planting)
  • Shovel or trowel


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