How to Take Care of Brown Patches on Your Lawn


Before you take care of the brown patches in your lawn, you must know what is causing the problem and ways to treat it. This might not be the easiest task to do, but with a little investigation, you can find out what is causing the problem so that you will know what must be done. Just planting new grass seeds might not be the answer if there is an underlying condition.

Step 1

Over-fertilizing one area of the grass will cause a brown patch. To fix this problem, you will need to wait for about one month for the excess nitrogen to filter out of the soil and plant new grass seed. You will need to use a starter fertilizer when you plant the grass seed to add nutrients to the soil.

Step 2

Keep dogs off the same spot of the lawn to prevent brown spots. If the dog does insist on urinating in the same spot, use a watering hose to water down the spot after each time to dilute the nitrogen in the urine. If the grass does not grow back, remove the brown grass, put down some starter fertilizer and sow some grass seed down.

Step 3

Walking on the same area of grass over time can make the grass turn brown. This is especially true in the winter months. To fix this problem, you should aerate the ground. Golf shoes will work well for this process. Walk around on the area and make holes in the soil.

Step 4

Water can be another problem. Overwatering or too much rain can rot the roots of the grass. Use a hard rake to remove the brown grass, put down some starter fertilizer, and sow some grass seed. Make sure that you don't over water the grass again. If the water problem is from something other than rain or overwatering, the problem must be fixed before reseeding.

Step 5

Attack of a fungus can cause round brown patches in the lawn. The ring will surround healthy grass. The fungus can live in the ground for years, but when the lawn becomes stressed, it attacks. Regular watering and proper fertilizing will eliminate the fungus and allow the grass to grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Golf shoes
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Grass seed


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