How to Plant in a Hanging Basket


A hanging basket can bring about weeks and months of floral enjoyment. Floral baskets make a striking focal point in the front of the home or can be used throughout outdoor areas to add color and contrast. They are also an alternative to those who are living in urban quarters or locations where yard space is minimal. Hanging baskets allow for a trickle of color that can be hung from a porch, near a window or from a plant stake.

Step 1

Select the plants you will want to implement into the basket. Trailing plants such as the edging lobelia, wave petunia, vinca vine, trailing begonia and the sweet potato vine are popular choices. Pick out plants with strong stems and newly forming buds. Plants that have already flowered may not flower again for several days; this can take away from the instant color of the hanging basket. You can also choose non-trailing flowering annuals to cover the entire basket, including the bottom and sides.

Step 2

Prepare the basket by adding the lining. Coconut fiber or burlap liners are good for trailing flowers that will hang over the edge. Cut the lining to fit the basket. Begin to fill three-fourths of the way with potting soil. If adding flowers to the bottom of the basket, use sphagnum moss.

Step 3

Add the plants using a hand trowel. Place less than an inch apart and fill in with soil for support. When using moss, begin with a layer of moss at the bottom of the basket. Place the plants on the sides by sticking their roots into the basket. Support with sphagnum moss. Fill the rest of the basket with potting soil three-fourths of the way up. Place plants firmly on top of the soil. Fill in around the roots and base with more potting soil.

Step 4

Choose a location to hang the basket. Popular locations are decks, porches, entryways and along walkways with garden stakes. Make sure there is a hook available to hang the plant and that the hook and the structure it's attached to is sturdy enough to handle the plant as it is watered and grows larger.

Step 5

Water the hanging basket thoroughly. Water wands work well because they have a hook neck to be able to easily reach into tall baskets.

Things You'll Need

  • Plants
  • Support bracket and hook
  • Mesh or wire hanging baskets
  • Sphagnum moss or other liner such as coconut fiber or burlap
  • Potting soil
  • Hand trowel
  • Garden gloves


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