The Benefits of Hydroponics


Hydroponics, as the name implies, is a gardening system that revolves around water. Plants don't grow in soil. Instead, they are anchored in a growing medium or suspended so that their roots can reach down into water. The nutrients that the plants ordinarily would derive from the soil come from enriched water.

Less Water Used

Hydroponic systems vary, but many, especially those used by commercial growers, recycle water. The recycling means that hydroponic gardening uses less water than conventional gardening--up to 90 percent less.

Where Soil Is Poor

For gardeners in environments with meager or difficult soil--sandy, depleted or rocky--hydroponics offers a no-soil solution.

Potentially Pesticide-free

Because hydroponics is carried out in a controlled environment, the isolated systems can potentially eliminate the need for pesticides.

No Herbicides Needed

There are no weeds to worry about in hydroponics, since there is no soil for weeds to take root in. Without weeds, herbicides are eliminated.

Opportunity to Grow Food

Traditional gardening is out of reach for some, including apartment dwellers and those living in places where water is a precious resource or where outdoor conditions aren't temperate enough. Hydroponics makes crops possible under these conditions.

Grow Things Out of Season

Since hydroponics is carried out in containers and indoors, produce can be grown year-round.


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