How to Plant Vegetable Garden Beds


Vegetable garden beds are planted in a way to maximize vegetable yields. If plants are planted too closely, the plants will be stunted and the vegetables produced will be small are misshapen. A successful garden bed is enriched with organic matter with no weeds or nearby trees to create shade or competition for water and nutrients. A vegetable garden bed gets more sun exposure if it runs in a north to south orientation rather than east to west.

Step 1

Separate the seeds or plants into different categories according to their eventual height. Pole beans, cucumbers and other vining plants are the tallest depending on the trellis size, along with corn. Tomatoes and squash will be in the middle, and radishes, carrots and lettuce will grow the shortest.

Step 2

Plant the plants that will grow the tallest first in the back of the garden which is the trellised vines and corn. Plant plants or seeds according to depth and space requirements specified on the seed package.

Step 3

Plant the medium-height plants such as tomatoes and squash. Many tomatoes need to be staked or caged for support, and some grow quite large. Keep in mind the size of the cage or support system when planting and designing the garden bed.

Step 4

Plant small plants such as lettuce, radishes, and carrots along the front of the garden bed where access will be the easiest for harvesting and weed control.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden seeds or plants
  • Vegetable garden beds
  • Shovel


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