How to Create a Scented Window Box


A window box filled with scented flowers or herbs creates visual and aromatic stimulation for the occupants of the house as well as the people outside. Small birds, butterflies and bees frequent window boxes with flowers, making it more interesting and giving you hours of pleasure. You can place window boxes outside every window or just a few strategic ones so the aroma drifts indoors on the slightest breeze. This natural aromatherapy is a cheap alternative to scented candles, incense and oils.

Step 1

Purchase a window box from your home department store or garden supply center or make one yourself with pre-treated wood. Paint the box a bright color to liven up the space and enhance the look of the exterior of the house. Avoid buying a cheap-quality window box that cannot hold the weight of the soil and plants.

Step 2

Keep in mind the height and location of the window box and the sunlight requirements of the contained plants. Boxes placed outside windows that are high up in a building complex need small, bushy plants that can withstand winds instead of trailing plants.

Step 3

Plant a decorative and functional kitchen window box, allowing you to savor the fragrance and pull out fresh herbs for seasoning whenever you like. Add citrus and mints in orange, grapefruit, eucalyptus, thyme and lemongrass to create a blend of color and enhance the choice for seasoning dishes. For a window box primarily with lemon fragrance, plant lemon mint, lemon balm, lemongrass and lemon thyme. Mix orange thyme and orange mint for an orange fragrance.

Step 4

Mix a blend of flowers such as roses, trailing petunias, lavender, violets, alyssum, small daphne and geraniums for attractive blooms and a lovely fragrance for a window box outside your living room.

Step 5

Plant nasturtiums that are available in colors ranging from light yellow to bright, deep red for a window box with a more uniform yet dramatic effect. They have attractive foliage and colorful blooms and emit a lovely fragrance.

Step 6

Plant lavender outside your bedroom in a window box to enjoy a lovely color and aroma that is known to promote a sound and restful sleep. Or blend lavender with jasmine or gardenias to enhance romance, emit fragrance and create visual appeal.

Things You'll Need

  • Sturdy window box
  • Different herbs
  • Various flowers


  • Tips for Scented Window Boxes
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