Herb Seeds to Sow in the Fall

Many herbs can be planted in the fall in southern states. Areas such as Florida and Texas offer a tolerant climate for plants that would not survive a harsh northern winter. One solution for those who wish to plant herb seeds in the fall in the northern regions is to use pots or container gardens, which can be brought indoors for several months during the worst of winter conditions.


Plant basil seeds ¼ inch deep in an area where the plants will receive full sun. Avoid planting too deeply by brushing aside a thin layer of soil, scattering the seed and then brushing the soil back across the seeds. The soil should be moist and well-drained. Basil is an annual; annuals grow quickly from seed and produce useful foliage the first year, whereas some perennials require a year to establish themselves well. Once the seeds sprout, the plants will not be frost-tolerant.


Plant parsley 1/8 inch deep by scattering the seeds on top of the soil and using your fingertips to work the seeds a little deeper into the dirt. Parsley can stand shade, but if you grow it during the fall to winter, locate it in an area where it will receive the best possible sun. Parley takes a bit longer to germinate (sometimes up to six weeks) than other herbs and has the appearance of grass when small.


Plant dill ¼ inch deep and separate rows 2 feet apart. Place the seeds on the soil surface and then used tilled soil from a nearby location to add a light sprinkling of dirt over top. Dill needs full sun and a spot protected somewhat from wind (as the stalks are spindly). Provide moist soil. While dill prefers organic matter added, it will grow in neglected soils. Fall is actually the best time to plant dill if you live in Florida.


Plant thyme ¼ inch deep in soil that has not been fertilized or supplied with much organic matter (nutrient-rich soil leads to more growth, but less fragrant plants). Thyme is a perennial that grows well from seed. It is slow to germinate, but a plant can thrive for nearly four years once started. Allow the plants a foot of space and provide well-drained soil. Thyme offers tiny purple flowers in addition to its uses as a seasoning. The plant makes a good border and spreads well, even over rocky areas.

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