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Yellow cymbidium orchids (Cymbidium) are perennial plants that bloom in the spring or winter. You can spot cymbidiums in the temperate regions of Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as along the coast of California.


The wide variety of yellow cymbidium orchid species includes the Wallguard Alice, the Golden Elf Sundust, the California Sunshine and the Evening Star Pastel Princess.


Yellow cymbidium orchid flowers vary in tone from a light, creamy yellow to a bright canary yellow. These orchids bloom for two to three months after the first buds open.


Yellow cymbidium orchids make excellent container plants. While you can successfully cultivate cymbidiums outdoors in raised beds, most cymbidiums are grown in greenhouses.


Yellow cymbidium orchids are susceptible to common orchid diseases, including black rot (Pythium ultimum), mosaic (Cymbidium mosaic virus), ringspot (Cymbidium ringspot virus) and flower spotting (Botrytis cinerea). Spider mites, scales and aphids frequently feed on cymbidium foliage and blooms.


Diseases cause a variety of symptoms, including spotted blooms, mottled leaves, rotting roots and stunted plant growth.


All cymbidium orchids prefer moist soil. You should water them once or twice each week. Protect yellow cymbidiums from full afternoon sun.


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