How to Build a Stepping Stone Walkway


Building a stone walkway in your garden is a way to add some design flair to your garden. Stone walkways can provide easy access to areas of the garden for viewing and provides a natural-looking path through the garden and to your home. You can build a stone walkway with found stone from the yard, or stones can be bought from a hardware store. Either way the process takes little in the way of material or costs.

Step 1

Mark the area for your path by pounding stakes into the ground and wrapping string around the stakes along the desired area of the path. This gives you a visual guideline of where the path will be.

Step 2

Measure the stones you are placing and position them on the walkway. Space each stone with its center 18 inches from the center of the next stone to allow for the average person's walking stride. With the trowel or spade, mark around the stone by digging down into the earth around it.

Step 3

Remove the stones from the area and dig out the dirt from the marked areas. Dig down so that the stone you are placing will be level with the dirt allowing for one extra inch of space. Fill the hole with 1 inch of sand to provide a cushioning for the stones to sink into.

Step 4

Put the stone into place, making sure it is level to the ground. If the stone is flat on top, use a carpenter's level to make it even. Remove any sand as needed to keep the stone from moving back and forth. Step on the stone so that it is secure and fill the hole around the stone with dirt. Using a rubber mallet or piece of wood, lightly knock on the stone to settle it into the earth.

Step 5

Adjust the stones as they settle over the next few weeks. Fill any holes that may appear with soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden stakes
  • String
  • Shovel
  • Stones
  • Level
  • Rubber mallet or piece of wood


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