How to Prepare a Lawn for Seeding


If you have an area of ground where you wish to rebuild the lawn or grow new lawn, you will first need to prepare the area for seeding. To prepare a lawn for seeding, you need to know what type of grass grows in your region. Plant a new lawn in early spring or fall when days are short, nights are cool and the soil is warm for best results. Consult specific measurements and instructions on the seed bag.

Step 1

Remove anything in the area that isn't grass or growing. Move any rocks, branches or other debris out of the area.

Step 2

Break up the soil by pushing the rototiller around the area as you would a push lawnmower. Take your time and work the ground slowly so the machine breaks up and aerates the soil completely. Work the rototiller through the ground until there is 6 inches of loose soil.

Step 3

Test the acid level of the soil in the area you just dug up with a pH testing kit. Your ground must have minimum pH level of six. Add 50 to 100 lb. ground limestone for every level below seven. Use this measurement for each 1,000 square feet of ground. Work the limestone into the ground with a garden rake.

Step 4

Distribute fertilizer with a spreader. Use 10 to 20 lb. of fertilizer for each 1,000 square feet of ground. Rake the fertilizer into the soil after laying it out. Wait 14 to 21 days after laying the fertilizer to plant your grass seed. This gives the fertilizer time to work into the soil so the nutrients are in place when the grass seeds are planted.

Step 5

Fill the spreader with grass seed so that you have up to the required amount per 1,000 square feet of ground; an average of 4 lb. of seed is a normal amount. Broadcast the seeds across the ground so that the soil is evenly covered.

Step 6

Gently rake the soil with a leaf rake to cover the seeds with soil. This will provide a thin layer of soil to keep the seeds in place, and provide the least amount of resistance for seeds to sprout.

Things You'll Need

  • Rototiller
  • pH Kit
  • Ground limestone
  • Garden rake
  • Fertilizer
  • Spreader
  • Grass seed
  • Leaf rake


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