How to Harvest Hardy Begonia Seeds


Begonias are some of the most diverse and interesting plants with a huge range of leaf and flower patterns and colors. They grow best outdoors in hardiness zones 5 through 10, and can make a beautiful addition to your garden or grown indoors as ornamental plants. The seeds are easy to collect and germinate, with the right treatment. You can then plant your seeds indoors or out, depending on the season--and within a year or two, you can have your first bloom.

Step 1

Collect your begonia seed pods around one month after the flowers are pollinated.

Step 2

Pick the seed pods from the plant and place them whole in a paper bag. Label the bag for future reference with the collection date and location, hybrid data and any other pertinent information.

Step 3

Seal the bag and allow it to sit for a couple of weeks in a well-ventilated place. This will allow the seeds to finish ripening.

Step 4

Remove the seed pods from the bag once ripened, and place them on a sheet of white paper. Break the pods apart with your hands to release the seeds. Remove any chaff from the seeds.

Step 5

Separate the seeds and place them in a small, labeled envelope or container until you are ready to plant them.

Tips and Warnings

  • If your begonia flowers were pollinated from unknown sources, the resulting plant and flowers may not resemble the parent plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper bag
  • Marker
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Small envelope or container


  • American Begonia Society: Growing Begonias From Seed
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