How to Use Ground Cloth for Weed Control


Ground cloth can help you control the weeds in a gravel driveway or garden area. The fabric is made to endure the elements and prevent weeds from getting light, which they need to grow. The fabric must be strong enough so that weeds cannot break through the material.

Step 1

Test the fabric to make sure it is strong enough to stand up to weeds. Try to stick your finger through the material. If your finger goes through easily, the cloth is not strong enough. Test several different types of cloth until you find one that your finger cannot penetrate.

Step 2

Remove all weeds in the area with a weed whacker.

Step 3

Roll out the material from one end of your garden to the other. Cut it to fit with scissors.

Step 4

Overlap the first fabric by 1 inch and roll out another line. Repeat until the area is fully covered. Overlapping prevents weeds from growing through the rows.

Step 5

Spread rubber or wood mulch to block out all sun. For driveways or other areas, use gravel to block out the sun. Place at least 1 to 2 inches of mulch or gravel over the ground cloth for a thick sun blocker.

Things You'll Need

  • Weed-control cloth
  • Gravel
  • Mulch
  • Weed whacker


  • Landscaping Fabric for Weed Control
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