How to Plant Nemesia Seed


Nemesia is an annual flowering plant native to Africa. It blooms in early spring and looks very much like a snapdragon. Nemesia is used in rock gardens, borders, and containers. Start your nemesia seeds indoors eight weeks before the last frost.

Step 1

Pour the vermiculite into the germinating tray and water well. Allow it to drain completely.

Step 2

Scatter the nemesia seeds on top of the vermiculite. Do not cover them with soil as they need light in order to germinate.

Step 3

Pour water into the bottom compartment of the tray and place the upper tray on top. This allows the seedlings to soak up water from the bottom.

Step 4

Move the tray to a brightly lit area where the temperature ranges between 55 and 70 degrees F.

Step 5

Replace the water in the bottom tray as needed. Your seeds should germinate within three weeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Germinating tray with water compartment
  • Vermiculite
  • Nemesia seeds


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