Care of Issaku Nagata Mambo Orchid


The Issaku Nagata mambo varietal of orchid is a hybrid plant from the miltonia or pansy orchid genus. It was developed by blending the bloom appearance characteristics and patterning of the pansy orchid with the smaller size and multiple bloom growth pattern of an oncidium orchid. Mambo orchids are epiphytic and require bright light, consistently high humidity, regular feeding and ambient temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 1

Site your mambo orchid in a growing location where it will receive very bright, indirect light daily. Allow direct sunlight only in the morning and late afternoon hours to prevent sunburn and ambient temperatures around the orchid rising above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Water your mambo orchid once a week at a minimum using a gentle stream of tepid water to soak the planting medium thoroughly. Allow the planting medium to dry out at the top just slightly between waterings, but do not allow the medium to become dessicated as it can be difficult to rehydrate.

Step 3

Create a humid ambient environment for your mambo orchid consistently between 50 and 80 percent. Achieve this with daily or twice daily misting with water or through the use of a mechanical humidifier. Alternatively, create a humidity tray filled with pebbles and water as a stand for the orchid pot.

Step 4

Feed your mambo orchid once a month with a solution of water-soluble orchid food that is a balanced formulation. Mix the granular or crystal food with tepid water using just 50 percent of the recommended amount of fertilizer.

Step 5

Replace the potting medium of your mambo orchid once a year or every other year at the minimum. Remove all of the old medium from around the roots and replace with fresh coarse bark and charcoal. Water the orchid deeply after repotting. Transplant your mambo into a larger orchid pot once every three to five years using a pot roughly 2 to 3 inches larger in diameter at the largest.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Spray mist bottle
  • Pebbles
  • Humidifier
  • Tray or saucer
  • Water-soluble orchid food
  • Coarse orchid medium


  • Oncidium Intergenerics
  • Hawaiian Floral Nursery Registered Orchid Hybrids Oncidium Alliance
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