How to Make a Pomander With Fresh Flowers


A pomander is an ancient round globe that people have traditionally used to carry scented herbs and spices in a decorative fashion. Today, gardeners are discovering how to make beautiful fresh flower pomanders using blooms they grow in their flower gardens. Pomander balls are useful in home décor and can even be a creative and different way to carry a fresh flower bouquet.

Step 1

Soak the round floral oasis in water for one hour.

Step 2

Cut a 2-yard length of ribbon. Find the center point of the ribbon and place it over the floral oasis. Take both ribbon ends and pull them down to wrap the ribbon around the floral oasis. Wrap the ribbon tightly around the oasis until the ribbons meet on the underside of the oasis. Twist the ribbons around each other and insert a floral pin through the twisted ribbons to secure the ribbons into the oasis foam. Bring the ribbons back up to the top of the oasis. You should now have the ribbon wrapped securely around the oasis, meeting at the bottom and continuing up to the top.

Step 3

Tie the ribbon ends snugly and tightly into a double knot and insert another floral pin through the knot to hold it tight. Make an 8-inch loop with one end of the ribbon (for hanging or carrying the pomander) and tie the two ribbon ends together in another double knot (right over the first double knot). Insert another pin through the second knot to secure it. Clip off any excess ribbon with the scissors.

Step 4

Trim the stems of the fresh flowers so they are all 2 inches long underneath the flower blossoms.

Step 5

Insert daisies or carnations around the floral oasis so the flowers cover the oasis and you cannot see it through the blooms.

Step 6

Fill in among the daisies or carnations with the statice sprigs and then with the baby's breath sprigs. Space the filler flowers evenly around the entire pomander so they are spaced attractively.

Things You'll Need

  • Round floral oasis
  • 1-inch wide ribbon
  • Scissors
  • 20 to 30 fresh flowers (daisies or carnations)
  • 10 statice sprigs
  • 10 baby's breath sprigs
  • Floral pins
  • Pruning shears


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