How to Plant Flowers With Kids


Most children are captivated by nature and welcome the opportunity to learn about flowers and gardening. You can encourage children's natural curiosity about nature by teaching them how to plant and grow their own flower garden. Children enjoy learning through hands-on activities and this includes playing in the dirt. Have children help as much as possible when you are spending time in the flower garden by providing them with their own kid-size gardening tools and gloves that will make taking care of the flower garden easier for little hands. Use this opportunity to share the joy of gardening with your children by surrounding them with beautiful, colorful flower gardens.

Step 1

Plan a trip to the local garden center with your children. Allow them to speak with the experts about the types of plants and flowers that grow well in your area. Assist them with choosing the variety of plants they would like to grow.

Step 2

Choose a bright, sunny location for the children's garden. Prepare the area for planting by removing grass and weeds and using a hoe or spade to loosen the soil. Add manure or compost and work thoroughly into the top four to five inches of soil.

Step 3

Lay out the garden rows by placing each individual start on the exact spot where you plan to plant it. Make sure to leave enough space between each plant to guarantee proper growth.

Step 4

Show the children how to use a small garden trowel to dig a hole for each flower. Help them place the plants in their holes and add enough soil to cover the top of the root-ball.

Step 5

Provide a small watering can so the children can carefully water each flower as it is planted. Continue to water the plants daily for the first week after planting, making sure not to overwater.

Step 6

Create a decorative border around the flower garden by placing bricks or colorful stones around its perimeter, being sure to leave enough room for the plants to grow inside the border and not overflow into the yard.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowering plants
  • Bright, sunny location
  • Hoe or spade
  • Manure
  • Compost
  • Small garden trowel
  • Brick or colorful stones for border
  • Small watering can
  • Water


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