How to Lay Lawn Edging


Lawn edging is a great way to keep your grass separated from your flower beds. Most people that put in their own lawn edging end up having to replace it year after year because it is not installed correctly. Once you know how to lay lawn edging, you can enjoy the pleasing look of a separated area without having to redo it every year.

Step 1

Use a tiller to till the outside perimeter of the garden bed 6 inches deep. You can rent a garden tiller at big-box hardware stores and garden centers. By tilling the perimeter now, you will be less likely to damage the plastic lawn edging by tilling in the garden or flower bed after it is installed.

Step 2

Use a rake to remove the soil 1 foot away from the edge of the lawn perimeter. When raking the bedding soil back, rake to a depth of 6 inches. The lawn edging is going to set along the "wall" of the lawn edge.

Step 3

Unroll the plastic lawn edging and set it against the lawns edge. Make sure that the curl of the bottom of the edging is pointing toward the bed and not the lawn. Since most lawn edging comes in 20-foot lengths, use lawn edging connectors to connect multiple pieces if necessary. Lawn edging connectors are 8 inches long and each piece of edging needs to fit into 4 inches of the connector. Cut edging to size with a utility knife.

Step 4

Inspect the top of the lawn edging to make sure that it does not protrude more than 1 inch above the sod. Well-installed lawn edging should be able to be mowed over without damaging the edging.

Step 5

Drive steel anchor spikes into the edging and the lawn wall with a mallet or hammer. When setting the spikes, set them at a slight angle from the ground. Place spikes 2 inches from the bottom of the lawn edging.

Step 6

Rake the bedding soil two-thirds the distance to the lawn edging. Stomp the soil down with your foot all the way around the perimeter of the edging. Rake the bedding soil evenly over the entire garden bed.

Step 7

Water the soil on the inside of the edging and stomp on the soil with your foot as you water. This will help ensure a tight settling of the soil. After you have watered the soil, you can rake more where it is necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic lawn edging with hardware
  • Garden tiller
  • Utility knife
  • Hammer


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  • Plastic Edging
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