The Benefit of Goji Berry


The goji berry is a powerful fruit found in the Himalayas and some parts of Tibet. Goji berries have gained popularity in recent years as a natural antioxidant and health booster--they have been used for thousands of years by people in the Himalayas for their medicinal and anti-aging properties. The Tibetan goji berry far exceeds organic standards set in the United States for organic produce.


The goji berry is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C and E, essential fatty acids, flavanoids and other bioactive compounds are prevalent in the fruit.


The berries, seeds and rhizomes (root) of the goji fruit have distinctive antibacterial and ophthalmic effects on the human body. They are also helpful in the release of intestinal gas.


Goji berries have been found to increase the production of testosterone in the body, aiding in the treatment of sexual disorders. The berries also help support the healthful function of the adrenal glands and serve as a stabilizer for cholesterol and high blood pressure.


The goji berry is regarded as the "longevity fruit" by residents of the Ningxia Hui region of China, where the fruit is consumed daily. These individuals have displayed unusual amounts of strength and energy in their senior years, motivating researchers to study the anti-aging effect of the goji berry.


The Tanaduk Botanical Research Institute as well as other scientists and researchers are investigating the goji berry as a viable food source for the treatment of cancer.


Goji berries can help with appetite control while stabilizing metabolism and providing energy.


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