How to Plant a Freesia Hybrid


Freesia hybrids are easy to plant in your garden. These hardy bulbs can grow in any type of soil as long as it is--or is made to be--well-draining. Given simply a sunny spot in the garden, and a regular drink of water, your freesia hybrid will grow healthily and happily. And whether you're growing your hybrid freesias to beautify your garden, to have cut flowers in your home or to make into scented crafts, you are sure to be pleased.

Step 1

Amend the soil with 2 inches of aged compost. If you have poor draining soil, add another inch of peat moss before turning the soil.

Step 2

Dig the hole. Hybrid freesias, when planted, should have 2 inches of soil above them. Measure the length of your freesia bulb, add 2 inches and dig your hole that deep.

Step 3

Place your hybrid freesia bulb in its hole with its pointed end facing up.

Step 4

Fill in the soil and tamp it down with your hand to remove any air pockets.

Step 5

Plant the next freesia bulb at least 3 inches away from its neighbor.

Step 6

Water the planted freesia bulbs well enough to soak the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Aged compost
  • Peat moss
  • Trowel


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