How to Build a Wooden Compost Bin


Compost is accumulated kitchen and garden waste, that has been piled together in a heap or bin and turned occasionally until it decomposes into a rich dark brown material packed with essential nutrients for the garden. Home gardeners can use leftover items from the kitchen along with broken branches and stems, and plant and grass clippings to turn it into black gold. Containing compost in a bin keeps it compact and prevents pests and scavengers from raiding the area in search of food.

How to Build a Wooden Compost Bin

Step 1

Purchase four pressure-treated wooden pallets that are at least 3 feet long, wide and high from your local furniture store or shipping dock. You can use five if you want a base for you wooden bin, but placing it directly on the ground will encourage earthworms to enter easily and thus speed up the decomposition process. Also purchase several feet of heavy gauge wire or bailing wire from your local hardware store.

Step 2

Select an area in your yard where you do not mind the smell. Dig a trench in the ground by removing an inch of dirt from there and placing it in a wheelbarrow.

Step 3

Stand the pallets in the trench on their sides so they form a box.

Step 4

Cut the wire into eight equal pieces with wire snips. Insert two lengths of wire, one through the top and the other through the bottom corners of any two slats where they join. Twist the wire around with your fingers tightly so it is secure and the two pallets are connected.

Step 5

Connect three of the four sides of the wooden compost bin and twist the wire tight, but leave the wires on the fourth side loose so it serves as the door and can open and close easily.

Step 6

Fill your compost bin with alternate layers of greens' and 'browns. Greens include grass and leaf clippings and food scraps, while browns include torn brown paper bags, coffee filters, stem and branch pieces, saw dust and scrap wood. Cut the waste into small pieces before adding them into the bin to speed up the process of decomposition. Wet the contents with water until they are moist in consistency and turn every few days with a rake.

Things You'll Need

  • Four wooden pallets
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Wire snips
  • Kitchen and garden waste
  • Garden hose
  • Rake


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