Information on Pear Trees


Pear trees are part of the Rosaceae family, which includes apples and roses. They prefer sunny, well-drained locations with rich soil. Pear trees are mostly propagated by grafting.


Pear trees originate in Asia, Europe and northern Africa.


They can grow from 8 to 30 feet tall and 8 to 25 feet wide. Pear trees grow slowly.

Time Frame

Standard-size pear trees produce fruit in five to six years. Dwarf varieties can be harvested in three to four years.


Pear trees come in many different types like Aurora, Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Duchess, Moonglow, Seckel, Mericourt and Anjou.


Ninety-percent of the pear crop produced in the United States is grown in the Pacific Northwest.


Fire blight and pear psylla are two diseases that affect pear trees. The infected branches need to be pruned and destroyed.


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