How to Protect Mango Trees from Winter


Mango trees are an ideal addition to any garden or landscape for their beauty, shade and delicious fruit harvest that tastes similar to a peach. The tree grows best in tropical climates planted outdoors, but can be grown in other climates from different varieties. It is important to protect not just mango trees, but all fruit trees from winter and frosts. There are some key things to remember when preparing a mango tree for winter.

Step 1

Mulch around the base of the mango tree in mid-fall before the first frost. Use wood chips or straw, and lay a thick layer (about 3 inches) not only around the base but extending a couple of feet outward from the tree as well.

Step 2

Water the mango tree only once every week or two from late fall throughout the winter. Before an expected freeze, water the soil well and lay some more mulch on top of that. This helps raise heat from the ground, warming the tree.

Step 3

Protect the mango from freezing temperatures by draping a blanket over the tree completely, tightening it around the bottom of the base of the tree with a bungee cord or tightly pulled rope.

Step 4

Add even more warmth by covering the blanket on top with Christmas lights wrapped around the tree like a decoration. Or, you can place a 60-watt outdoor light underneath the blanket next to the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Mulch
  • Water
  • Blanket
  • 60-watt outdoor lights
  • Christmas lights


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