How to Preserve Easter Lily Bulbs


Easter lilies are delicate beauties that come from hardy bulbs. If you live in a climate that does not experience extended periods of freezing temperatures in the winter, preserve your Easter lily bulbs by wintering them in the refrigerator. Easter lilies need to spend at least six weeks at temperatures around 40 degrees Fahrenheit or they will not bloom the following summer.

Step 1

Cut back the foliage of your Easter lilies to 2 inches above the ground. Your Easter lilies are ready for pruning when their foliage has turned yellow and died.

Step 2

Carefully dig up the bulbs. Use a trowel to loosen the soil a few inches away from the stem. Work in a circle around the stem, gently loosening the soil at greater depths until you can easily pull the bulb out by the stem. Brush off any clinging soil, but take care not to damage the roots or bulbs.

Step 3

Line the bottom of a polythylene bag with 2 inches of moistened peat moss. Place a bulb on top of the moistened peat moss and cover with another 2-inch layer of peat moss. Close the bag.

Step 4

Place the bulb in your vegetable crisper and replant in spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Polythylene bag
  • Peat moss


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