How to Get Assistance With Lawn Problems


When it comes to problems with your lawn, you are not alone. Lawn diseases are very common and fortunately easily remedied with professional assistance. Fungus is the worst offender because it quickly spreads infected spores through the air. Because lawn diseases and other problems are difficult to diagnose, it is important to know how to get assistance with lawn problems.

Accessing Lawn Problem Assistance

Step 1

Call or email universities in your area. Each U.S. state usually has a higher education institution that has an agriculture division. Often times, it is part of the college's cooperative learning extension. A university's agriculture division serves the general public by staffing a phone bank for answering calls related to lawn problems or responding to forum posts on its website, aimed at helping homeowners with lawn maintenance. Be ready to provide a photograph of your lawn problem or give a detailed explanation about the situation. In some instances, you may be asked to bring in a sample of your lawn for testing.

Step 2

Visit your local garden store or nursery. These lawn professionals offer various resources for addressing your grass problems. They can troubleshoot the problem and determine whether its cause is from improper watering, a disease or other factor. Depending on the problem, they may sell products to remedy the situation.

Step 3

Contact a seed company. Any company that germinates lawn seeds is familiar with environmental factors, diseases, pests and grubs, all of which harm grass. Some company websites provide a free lawn analysis or enable homeowners to email questions to them.

Step 4

Ask a lawn professional. Besides maintaining lawns, landscapers help solve lawn problems. Chances are, the grass problems you are having are similar to your neighbors. You might need to hire a landscaper on a short-term basis to help with lawn problems, especially if they are occurring as a result of lawn diseases.

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  • Photograph of lawn problem


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