How to Grow Magnolia Trees From Seed


Growing magnolia trees from seeds is relatively easy, but keep in mind that some varieties of magnolia can take up to 20 years to bloom when grown from a seed. However, the satisfaction of planting and nurturing something as magnificent as a magnolia tree can make all the waiting worthwhile.

Step 1

Collect fresh magnolia seeds. These are the red seeds taken directly from the magnolia seed pod--the seeds should not be dry.

Step 2

Soak the seeds in plain water for 48 hours. Any that float are no good and should be discarded.

Step 3

Remove the bright red hull from the seeds with your fingers. After soaking in water for two days the red hulls should peel away easily.

Step 4

Place a few drops of liquid dish soap in a small plastic container and add water. Wash the seeds between your thumb and fingers in the slightly soapy water until the seeds no longer feel oily. Rinse the seeds thoroughly, making sure all of the soap is washed off.

Step 5

Mix two parts peat moss, one part sand and one part loam in a planting tray and plant your seeds 1/2 inch deep. Water lightly and cover the planting tray with plastic cling wrap to hold the moisture in. Keep the tray in a warm place out of direct sunlight. Your seeds should sprout within approximately four weeks. Four weeks after the seeds sprout pot or plant outdoors after all danger of frost has passed.

Things You'll Need

  • Magnolia seeds (fresh)
  • Small plastic container
  • Dish soap
  • Peat moss
  • Loam
  • Sand
  • Planting tray
  • Plastic cling wrap


  • How to Grow a Magnolia From a Seed
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