How to Plant Lantana Seeds


Lantana, also known as White Sage or Spanish Flag, is a woody shrub that does well when grown indoors in a container or outdoors in a warm, sunny flower bed. Lantana produces clusters of flowers in a wide range of colors, including yellow, red, white, orange, purple and pink. Lantana is hardy, drought-resistant and evergreen in frost-free climates. Planting Lantana seeds is rather easy, as long as you have the right temperatures for proper germination.

Step 1

Inspect your Lantana seeds to make sure that they're the correct color. Lantana seeds turn purplish-black when they're ready for planting. Do not plant seeds that are still green.

Step 2

Soak your Lantana seeds in hot water for 24 hours before planting. Plant the seeds in late winter. If planting the seeds outdoors, make sure the temperature averages around 72 to 76 degrees F to ensure germination.

Step 3

Plant the seeds one-eighth of an inch deep in peaty soil. If you purchase Lantana seeds, they'll be dormant, so expect germination to take at least eight weeks.

Step 4

Plant the seeds in full to partial sun. Consider planting Lantana along a fence, shed or house to give the plants some shelter. If planting the seeds indoors, keep the pot in a window that receives bright sunlight most of the day.

Tips and Warnings

  • Lantana cannot be grown as a perennial if you live in a region that experiences freezing temperatures. You will need to either replant the Lantana every year or grow it indoors to keep it as a perennial. Be extremely careful when storing Lantana seeds, as the young green seeds are highly toxic. After the seeds have turned black, they lose their toxicity, but keep all children and pets away from the Lantana seeds when they're green.

Things You'll Need

  • Peaty soil
  • Planter container


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