How to Care for Orchid Blossoms


Orchid blooms are exotic, dramatic and incredibly long lasting when handled and cared for properly. Whether growing on the orchid plant or harvested for use as a cut flower, orchid blooms can remain pristine looking for weeks, if not months. Cool temperatures, plenty of clean water, bacteria control and a spot out of the sun all contribute to extending the life of the bloom.

Step 1

Set your blooming orchid plant in a spot with no direct sun and only a bit of indirect sunlight to prolong its bloom life. When out of bloom the plant should be in bright indirect light at all times.

Step 2

Mist your potted orchid that is in flower around the base of the plant and over the planting medium, lower stem, leaves and bloom daily. This will raise the ambient humidity around the plant keeping the bloom fresh and hydrated.

Step 3

Place cut orchid flowers into a clean vase filled with tepid to cool but not cold water immediately upon receipt. Recut the stems by a 1/4 inch or so and place back in the vase. Mix a packet of commercial floral preservative into the water and stir to dissolve. Alternatively, mix just two drops of household chlorine bleach and a teaspoon of sugar into the vase water stirring to dissolve.

Step 4

Replace the water daily or every two days using more commercial or home made floral preservative to keep bacteria in check and provide nutrients to the flower. Locate the vase out of direct sunlight in a cool room. Recut the tip of the stem by 1/8 inch each time your change the water to encourage uptake.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Spray misting bottle
  • Clean vase
  • Secateurs or floral knife
  • Commercial floral preservative
  • Household bleach, sugar


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