How to Prune a Flowering Peach Tree


The Flowering Peach tree blooms in March with pink, red or white double blossoms that last for more than two weeks before dying off. The hybrid peach tree can begin blooming in January, depending on the climate, and lasts well into the spring. Flowering peach trees can be purchased at heights of 3-10 feet tall. Not only do they make beautiful additions to a landscape, they are also favored as indoor cut flowers. Pruning flowering peach will help the tree be healthy as it matures, as well as improve the shape of it.

Step 1

Prune flowering peach when it is not in bloom. Late fall is ideal because the damage to the tree will be limited.

Step 2

Select the strongest shoot to be the center leader or trunk of a young flowering peach tree. There may be several shoots growing, so use the pruning shears to cut the unwanted ones down to soil level.

Step 3

Cut off branches that sprout up directly across or under one another along the tree trunk. Also, remove limbs that have less than 60 degree angles from the central stem because they will be too weak.

Step 4

Open up the tree canopy to allow for maximize light penetration. Dense canopies stop the light from getting 12 to 18 inches inside, which encourages disease, drying and infection. Remove branches that cross each other or grow straight up alongside the central leader.

Step 5

Prune branches that are diseased, dead or broken any time of year. Follow them into the tree's canopy and find where they meet healthy wood.

Step 6

Place all cuts next to the collar of a branch, which is the thick section where the branch connects with another limb. The tissue will heal here the best. Don't leave a stub because it attracts infection.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Pruning shears


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  • Forestry Resources Extension
  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
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