How to Plant Colorado Blue Spruce


The Colorado blue spruce is a hardy evergreen common through Zones 2 through 8. The conifer is a slow growing, sun-loving perennial with a broad, dense, pyramidal shape. This spruce has a color range from dull greens to silvery blues with yellowish brown buds. The Colorado blue spruce blooms inconspicuous purple and orange flowers and produces tan colored cones with chestnut brown seeds.

Step 1

Prepare the Colorado blue spruce seeds for planting. Soak the seeds in room temperature water overnight. Drain the seeds thoroughly the following morning. Store the seeds in a refrigerated location for 14 to 30 days before planting.

Step 2

If you have purchased a sapling, pull back the plastic from around the top of the tree, leaving just the root system protected in plastic. Place the tree in a shaded location to rest until planting time.

Step 3

Select and prepare the planting location. Choose a location that provides at least eight hours of direct sunlight each day. Choose a well drained, loamy location with moisture-rich, acidic soil.

Step 4

Use a spade to dig a hole for the seeds that is about six inches deep and at least as wide. Loosen the soil. Lay the seeds and fill the hole, covering lightly. Water the seeds immediately.

Step 5

Prepare the sapling for planting. Remove the tree from the plastic and lay the tree across a flat surface. Prepare the root system by trimming the roots so they are no longer than the height of the tree. Use a sharp, sterile nice to cut the roots simultaneously. The cut should be sharp, not ragged.

Step 6

Dig a trench for the sapling that is a deep as the root system. Place the sapling into the hole. Make sure that the root system falls straight into the trench without curling. Ensure that no roots appear at the top of the hole. Fill the trench to the top with water. Allow the water to soak into the hole. Gently push the soil around the sides of the tree while making sure that the tree stands upright.

Step 7

Avoid fertilizing the seeds or sapling at the time of planting unless the location is nutrient poor. Fertilize nutrient poor planting locations using a well balanced granular fertilizer. Use approximately one tablespoon around the area after the planting process is complete. Do not place the fertilizer into the trench or hole. Do not water in the fertilizer.

Step 8

Water the tree regularly providing approximately one inch of water per week. Adjust the irrigation schedule for weather changes, increasing during the hot dry summer periods. Seeds will sprout in about 3 weeks. Saplings will establish themselves in the same period.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never apply fertilizer in the hole or trench, as this will kill the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • Colorado Blue Spruce seeds or sapling
  • Spade
  • Water
  • Fertilizer (optional)


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