How to Easily Get Rid of Moles


Moles are tiny garden pests that can cause a lot of damage to your yard by digging tunnels in the ground. They destroy the root system in your grass and plants and can leave your lawn looking unsightly. They are about the size of a chipmunk and one mole can produce a litter of two to six young every year. It does not take long for moles to colonize and take over. There are many claims that promise to aid you in mole removal but trapping is the most effective way to completely rid your lawn of these pests.

Step 1

Choose the type of trap that you wish to use. There are four types of traps that are available to get rid of moles. These traps include the harpoon, chocker, pitfall and scissors. The only trap that will not kill the mole is the pitfall trap but it is also the least effective because you must dig down into the soil where the moles go through. It is harder to conceal the trap. The other three traps will kill the mole as it passes by.

Step 2

Season your trap by burying it in the ground in another location for at least 24 hours. Moles are sensitive to smell so you will need to get rid of all smells on the trap. Use gloves to remove the traps from the ground.

Step 3

Locate an active tunnel by stepping on one of the runs and wait 24 to 48 hours. If the run is raised up then the tunnel is active. If it is not active, then look for another run and test is again. Long straight runs are the ones that the moles will use most often so look for those types of locations for your traps.

Step 4

Flatten the ground over the tunnel where you plan to place your trap. You want the trigger pan on your trap to lie flat on top of the ground so that it will not tip over.

Step 5

Check your trap daily for moles. If two or three days have gone by and you have not trapped a mole, then you will want to reposition your trap in another location.

Step 6

Place a bucket or container over the trap so that you can clearly identify them. This will also keep pets away from them. Talk to your children and let them know what the traps are and that they should leave them alone. You do not want the trap being accidentally set off.

Step 7

Dispose of the moles that you kill with the trap and reset it. Continue resetting the trap for two to three weeks to make sure you collect them all.

Things You'll Need

  • Mole traps
  • Bucket
  • Container
  • Shovel


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  • Types of Traps
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