How to Grow Evergreens in Containers


Evergreens, as their name signifies, remain green all year round. Unlike other flowers or plants that bloom only in a particular season to remain dormant the rest of the year, evergreens brighten up any spot and make a bold statement all year round. Evergreens can be grown in the ground but they can also be planted in containers or hanging baskets both indoors and outdoors. Some examples of evergreens include money plants, the common boxwood shrub and the cone shaped dwarf Alberta spruce. Many new varieties have also been introduced in gold, lime green, pink, bronze and silver.

Step 1

Purchase containers from your local nursery depending on how many evergreens you want to grow. One container for a large sized shrub or tree will suffice, but you can consider putting several smaller plants together, or even planting trailing evergreens in hanging baskets. Clay containers are preferred over plastic because they are aesthetically pleasing and are sturdy enough to withstand strong winds without being knocked over easily. However, the final decision of the type of container is entirely up to you. The containers of large evergreens should be as wide as they are deep, to provide ample space for the roots to spread and grow.

Step 2

If the pot you select does not have drainage holes, drill holes a 1/2 inch wide and spaced several inches apart in the bottom of the container to provide evergreens the drainage they need. (Be sure to wear safety glasses when you drill.)Evergreens that are not given sufficient drainage can develop root rot and eventually die.

Step 3

Line the base of the container with a layer of small stones or lava rock to improve drainage.

Step 4

Purchase the evergreens you want to grow from your local nursery. These are typically available in lightweight plastic containers. Remove the plant from the nursery container and loosen its compacted roots by hand to encourage them to spread and grow.

Step 5

Fill half the container with good quality soil-less potting mix. Avoid using topsoil because it can become very hard in a container, resulting in poor drainage.

Step 6

Place the evergreen in the center of the container gently, spreading its roots, and back fill with a mixture of soil-less potting mix. If planting several evergreens, place the larger ones in the back of the container and the smaller ones in front, spacing the young plants at least 4 inches apart.

Step 7

Water the container well, to ensure the soil is sufficiently moist, and add a layer of mulch such as wood chips to help retain moisture, prevent weeds and enhance the appearance of your potted plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Container(s)
  • Drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Lava rock or other small stones
  • Soil-less potting mix
  • Mulch


  • Growing Evergreens in Containers
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