How to Compost With Earthworms


Composting with earthworms is a process known as vermicomposting. Worm composting is a convenient choice for those who cannot have an outdoor compost bin. Worms eat through organic materials such as egg shells, coffee grounds and vegetable scraps, and leave worm castings. Worm castings are nothing more then earthworm excrement. When you mix worm castings in garden soil, they provide a natural organic fertilizer that delivers nutrition to the plants and protects against plant disease.

Step 1

Place your earthworm bin in a dark location such as a closet or the basement. Earthworms prefer a dark location at room temperature.

Step 2

Line your bin with bedding. Shred newspaper and moisten until it is the consistency of a sponge. Place an inch of torn, damp newspaper on the bottom of your bin.

Step 3

Place worms in the middle of bedding. You can buy worms online or from a bait shop, or get them from another vermiculturalist.

Step 4

Place dirt inside around the sides of the compost bin.

Step 5

Feed worms with coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit scraps, egg shells and bread. Cover the food with newspaper prepared in the same manner as the bedding.

Step 6

Feed worms once a week. If the compost bin begins to smell, stop adding food until the stench dissipates. Check weekly to ensure environment remains moist. When the compost resembles black soil, it is ready for harvest.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not add meat or oil to the compost bin.

Things You'll Need

  • Earthworm bin
  • Newspaper
  • Vegetable and fruit scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Earthworms


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