How to Choose a Ripe Honeydew Melon


Honeydew melons are large melons with firm, green flesh. Tasting that first bite of a ripe honeydew melon can make the efforts to find the perfect melon worthwhile. Whether you grow your own honeydew melons in a home garden or you choose the best ones you can find from the produce section, picking a ripe honeydew melon need not confound you.

Step 1

Examine the color of the honeydew melon rind. Choose a honeydew melon with a light yellow rind. Honeydew melons with white or greenish-white colored rinds are overripe.

Step 2

Use the tips of your fingers to press gently on the sides of the honeydew melon. A honeydew melon that gives to the gentle pressure of your fingers is ripe.

Step 3

Smell the rind of the honeydew melon. Ripe honeydew melons give off a discernible sweet scent when you smell them. If you do not smell anything, the honeydew melon is likely not ripe.

Step 4

Choose honeydew melons that are evenly round in shape. Any yellow spots or small bumps are acceptable; these imperfections do not reduce the quality of the melon. Avoid melons with obvious bruising and cuts to the outer rinds.


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