How to Make Bird Feeders From Plastic Milk Jugs


Recycle your empty plastic milk jugs to make bird feeders for your feathered friends. Fill the milk jug feeders with seeds and hang them in your backyard. You can use any type of plastic milk jug with a secure, screw-on top. Consider decorating your homemade milk jug bird feeders with bits of ceramic tile or acrylic paint to turn the feeder into art for your lawn.

Step 1

Clean your plastic milk jug completely and let it dry.

Step 2

Make four small holes with nails in the bottom of the milk jug so that moisture can drain from the bird feeder and air can circulate.

Step 3

Drill two large holes in the sides opposite the handle of the milk jug, 6 inches from the bottom of the jug.

Step 4

Cut a 1/4-inch dowel to measure 12 inches long. Cut two 1/4-inch diameter holes in the milk jug 3 inches beneath the holes you drilled. Make a perch for the birds by inserting the dowel sideways through the 1/4-inch holes.

Step 5

Cut a 12-inch length of 20-gauge wire and bend it in half. Wrap the two loose ends securely around your plastic milk jug, just below the screw-on top. Make sure that the wire is beneath the top and does not prevent you from removing the top. Hang your bird feeder from the loop in the bend of the wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic milk jug
  • Marker
  • Hammer and nail
  • Drill and large hole bit
  • Dowel
  • 20-gauge craft wire and wire cutters


  • Milk Jug Bird Feeder

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