How to Choose Lawn Grass


To have a lovely lawn, you need to choose lawn grass that best suits your yard and climate. For example, Bermuda grass, which grows well in Arizona, will not grow well in Minnesota. Large shade trees and heavy traffic are other factors to consider since varieties of lawn grass differ in how they react to each condition. Fine fescue tolerates shade well but does not tolerate traffic, while Kentucky bluegrass cannot stand shade but handles traffic well. If you keep all these factors in mind choosing lawn grass should be easy.

Step 1

Choose a grass that works with your climate. If you live in a colder climate, cool season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass are your best bet. They handle cold weather well but tend to dry out in hot weather. If you live in a hot climate, warm season grasses such as St. Augustine are better for you as they will hold up under hot summers well but turn brown in the winter.

Step 2

Choose a lawn grass that will grow well in your existing soil with little modification. Test your soil for the pH to be sure the lawn grass you choose will grow in your yard.

Step 3

Consider watering needs. Dry areas need lawn grass that can handle less water and are more drought resistant. If you live in an area with more rainfall, water hogging lawn grass is not an issue.

Step 4

Select a grass that can handle your expected wear and tear. For instance, St. Augustine grass does not handle traffic as well as Bermuda grass.

Step 5

Choose a grass type that looks and feels the way you like. Each grass has a different texture and color that should be considered when choosing lawn grass.

Step 6

Plant a grass that you can maintain. Some lawn grasses needs more attention in the form of mowing and fertilization than others.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not plant a variety of lawn grass that may be invasive in your area.

Things You'll Need

  • Lawn grass guide
  • Soil testing kit


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