How to Treat Bamboo Potted Plants


Although most people associate bamboo with outdoor plantings, bamboo can grow very well in pots. Some bamboos can be grown hydroponically; you can maintain them by keeping them in diffuse light and adding water when needed. Other varieties growing in soil, however, require different treatment.

Step 1

Place your potted bamboo where it will receive indirect light. Bamboo often grows under a taller canopy and doesn't like direct sun.

Step 2

Water your bamboo enough to prevent the soil from drying out, usually every two or three days. Bamboos require moist but not soggy soil.

Step 3

Mist your bamboo when you water if the air is dry. Bamboos like humidity.

Step 4

Pick off leaves that turn brown or yellow. Brown or yellow leaves usually indicate excessive watering. Water less often, and the leaves should grow back green and healthy.

Step 5

Re-pot the plant when you notice the roots pressing against the side of it. You can either move the entire bamboo to a larger pot or divide the roots and make two smaller potted bamboos.

Things You'll Need

  • A potted bamboo
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle


  • How To Care for Potted Bamboo

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