How to Make a Wooden Garden Trellis


Create a focal point in your backyard landscape by building a wooden trellis. Build the trellis based upon your overall design concept, including the kinds of decorative vines you'd like to grow to vegetable crops you'd like to rear for using in your favorite dishes. Consider using native plants on your trellis, which are drought-resistant and require little maintenance. Use this structure as a gateway into another area of your yard or as a backdrop to an already established garden.

Step 1

Choose a level spot in your garden to build the wooden garden trellis. Clear out all debris, including rocks and weeds from the site. Rake over to create a smooth surface. Use a carpenter's level to ensure the surface is flat and level before you begin constructing the wooden trellis.

Step 2

Look around wooded areas and your backyard for hedge posts and old branches to use to create the trellis. Search for old downed trees that can be sawed back to create the structure. Use young and pliable branches found around your garden, which can easily be incorporated into your design. Alternatively, local home improvement stores carry pre-treated wood that can also be used to build a wooden trellis.

Step 3

Measure the location where the trellis will remain to help decide the perfect dimension of your outdoor structure. Create a blueprint to help guide you through the building process. Consider any heavy crops you might plant around your trellis to help decide the perfect width and height of the trellis.

Step 4

Connect the branches together using garden wire and nails. Crisscross the branches over one another until you have built a large enough trellis and one that has a lattice shape. At the cross section of each piece of wood, wind the wire around two to three times and twist the ends together for a tight and secure fit.

Step 5

Allow one quarter of the bottom of the branch trellis to use as the feet of the trellis. Dig a hole into the ground and place the branch feet inside the holes and fill remaining sides with soil. Press firmly down to ensure a secure fit. Alternatively, for added support, attach the trellis to an outdoor fence or garden wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Level
  • Branches
  • Measuring tape
  • Garden wire
  • Nails
  • Shovel


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